Yozora Rules

Below are rules/guidelines you need to read and understand to play the server.

In-Game Rules

- Cheating and any other method of gaining an unfair advantage are strictly prohibited
- Any sort of modified clients are strictly banned.
- Shared or boosted accounts are not allowed
- Do not create more than one account! This is called multiaccounting and will result in all accounts being restricted.
- Use an appropriate username (no offensive or stolen names)
- NSFW/offensive/illegal avatars/userpage contents are not allowed.

Discord and In-game Chat rules

Any violation of the rules in this section will result in a silence.

- Behave like mature individuals.
- Absolutely NO DRAMA. If you have an issue, PM an owner or put it in #feedback.
- Don't spam.
- Don't share CP, lolis, furries, or other illegal stuff/warez/viruses.
- You may post NSFW content, but only in #shitpost-and-memes.
- Don't piss admins off. (catch-all rule)
- Keep channels on topic, shitposting in certain channels will lead to silences and bans.

Other Important Information

- If you need help, and you've already checked the FAQ channel, ask in #help.
- In case you don't get a reply, you may highlight an online Support Staff, or other staff member.
- You can request play uploading to our YouTube channel through our Discord server.
- You can contact support through the #help channel on our Discord, or email an owner.